Ellie Krieger’s Fig Bran Muffins

Ellie Krieger's Fig Bran Muffins | www.thebahamallama.wordpress.com

Not to geek out too hard on muffins, but… after reviewing what I wanted to post this week, it just turned out that I have a lot of muffin pictures on hand.  My scientific analysis of this situation tells me that I make a lot of muffins.  In fact, perhaps my diet is predominantly comprised of muffins.  Or maybe it’s a fluke.  And I need to learn better science.

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My New Favorite Blueberry Muffins

I’ve been on a quest lately to find my “ultimate” version of every classic recipe.  There aren’t many things more classic than a warm, fresh, blueberry muffin, and I’m always looking for one that satisfies my craving for something sweet while meeting my expectations for delivering some worthwhile nutrients.

In other words, if I were going to just waste a bunch of calories with no nutritional value, I would choose a cupcake.  I have higher expectations for muffins.  Muffins need to deliver.

The Foodie Physician's Rise and Shine Blueberry Muffins | thebahamallama.wordpress.com

Today, I found a recipe for muffins that do exactly that – they delivered on their promise of being nutritionally better than cupcakes.  They’ve got blueberries!  (Obviously, but still… )  They’ve got oatmeal!  (Fiber! Complex carbohydrates!)  They’ve got wheat germ!  (Omega 3 fatty acids!)  Score.  Most importantly, they pass the taste test.  I would actually like to eat the whole dozen in one sitting, and I feel confident that I could get that done if I were brave enough to try.

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