Pasta with Portobello Sauce

I have a lot of food-related projects swarming around in my subconscious pretty much all of the time.  Most of these are hypothetical projects that will never happen … like making a batch of every single chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever seen so that I can once and for all decide which one I like the best and just discard the rest. (Wouldn’t that be convenient?  I’ve accidentally pinned about 30 different chocolate chip cookie recipes, and they’re stressing me out.)  Another hypothetical project I wish I could tackle is to make every single recipe in every single cookbook that I own (which would take me 18 lifetimes).  In lieu of doing that, I can at least keep trying to make more of the recipes I haven’t tried yet, so … that’s my pathetic compromise.  And without further ado, that brings me to this recipe for Pasta with Portobello Sauce!


A classic from Rachael Ray's original 30 Minute Meals cookbook!

A classic from Rachael Ray’s original 30 Minute Meals cookbook!

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