Did someone say Pumpkin Hand Pies?


Pumpkin Hand Pies | www.thebahamallama.wordpress.com

And if you’re tired of hearing about pumpkins, well TOO BAD.  This is my last recipe inspired by the pumpkin puree we concocted.  For now.  And then, perhaps we’ll move on to Christmas recipes.  (Um… if my December edition of Food Network Magazine ever arrives.)

So, what was I saying?  O yes, pumpkin hand pies.  I made these after dinner one evening.  They seem like they’d be really complicated, but frankly, they’re not.  The filling comes together in a single bowl in minutes. The same is true for the dough. The biggest investment of time and messiness is rolling out the dough, but is that so bad?  It’s 100% worth it.

Pumpkin Hand Pies | www.thebahamallama.wordpress.com

Here’s a link to the basic recipe: Pumpkin Hand Pies. Her pictures are so pretty! I’m working on it… Anyways, she includes a recipe for dough, but FYI, I’m sure you can use whatever pie dough suits you. I used my mom’s recipe.  (Hi Mom!!)  But I bet a store-bought dough (if you’re the kind of person who settles for that sort of thing) would work fine too.

It may be December now, but don’t give gingerbread and peppermint all the love.  Let’s not forget about our loyal friend, the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Hand Pies | www.thebahamallama.wordpress.com

Happy December!


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