Gingerbread Granola

I’m so stinking excited about Christmas coming.  In fact, I’m almost disappointed we’re already so close because that means even less time to look forward to it.  And when am I going to find time to squeeze in opportunities to make all those fun Christmas recipes I pinned?

So, I had to start somewhere, and I decided to start with a gingerbread granola recipe that I found on (obviously) Pinterest.

Gingerbread Granola |

I like my granola to be so crunchy that it’s almost burnt.  My husband, oddly, prefers it raw, as in completely pre-baking. He thinks that I ruined the granola by baking it.  I disagree.  He hasn’t prepared a rival batch yet, so it must not have been that troubling…

Gingerbread Granola |

This granola is full of stuff that I love like a mix of tasty toasted nuts, and it also has an ingredient I’d never tried before – millet.  I learned that millet is REALLY GOOD.  (At least it is when it’s coated in molasses and toasted in the oven… )

Gingerbread Granola |

Isn’t granola pretty?  I finished the whole batch by eating it plain or pretending it was cereal, dousing it with almond milk and devouring it in large quantities from a bowl.  (No, I’m not trying to bulk up, I just couldn’t help it.)  However, I think it would be awesome over yogurt – maybe a Greek yogurt swirled with leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving and topped with crunchy gingerbread granola?  Mmmmmmm.

Gingerbread Granola |

You can find the recipe for Gingerbread Granola here at Well Plated.

So, now I need to decide what else is going to make the cut on my list of holiday recipe hopefuls…


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