Restaurant Style Salsa

I’ve been a little lax with the posts for a week or so, but for good reason!  I had to spend a little time doing some Mexican food research 🙂

Restaurant Style Salsa |

Researching Mexican food is really hard work, but someone’s got to do it.  And I’m happy to be that person.   You’re welcome.

Restaurant Style Salsa |

This salsa recipe was mind-bogglingly easy.  And it gave me another opportunity to put that new Ninja blender to work.

Restaurant Style Salsa |

The entire batch only lasted about an hour in our house.  And if you just make a point of not thinking about all those chips that you eat with it, then it’s really really healthy.

Restaurant Style Salsa |

I suppose there are other options besides chips.  But nothing is as good as a tortilla chip with your salsa.  Tortilla chips and salsa were invented to make people happy.

Restaurant Style Salsa |

And man, isn’t it beautiful??

Restaurant Style Salsa |

Every time we eat at a Mexican restaurant, they bring the standard chips and salsa for the table. And every time, I demolish the tiny little salsa container on like four chips, and I desperately want to ask them if they can just go ahead and bring me six cups of salsa right from the get-go.  But I never do… because that feels awkward.  Best thing about having found this recipe – now I don’t have to stress, I can just make as much as I want and eat it like a lunatic.

Restaurant Style Salsa |

Sure enough, this recipe came from yet another trusty food blog.  Thanks to Ali from Gimme Some Oven for making this available to the world.  It’s a keeper.

Restaurant Style Salsa |

And a big thank you to Mexico for salsa.  Thanks guys.

Restaurant Style Salsa |

Without further ado.  Here’s a link to Restaurant Style Salsa on Gimme Some Oven.

And just for fun… a filtered photo that I really liked:

Restaurant Style Salsa |

xo – the llama


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