Derby Pie Inspired Bourbon Chocolate Walnut Bars

Happy Derby Day!  Even though I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby, and I know virtually nothing about it, I’d like to ride the coat-tails of this pseudo holiday and take advantage of the opportunity to make some food that I may otherwise have never tried.

Bourbon Chocolate Walnut Bars |

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Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

I know you’d never know it from reading my blog, but I promise that I do try to eat food that’s good for me (and not just muffins).

Enough about health food though.  Today, I want to share a Chocolate – Chocolate Chip Pound Cake that I tried on a whim one evening.  I hate to end a great dinner without something sweet, and if there’s nothing around, you have no choice but to whip something up. One of the best things about baking is that you can almost always concoct something amazing with ingredients you have on hand + Pinterest.

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake |

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